Monday, March 24, 2014

Ok.  So, not so much about my drinking.  But, maybe it'll come up organically.

I've been participating in dad talk with other new and/or soon to be dads.

I was feeling bad that all my dad mountain blogs were all about how I drink and listen to records.  So I started trying to do more dad like stuff.  I've picked up a dad book and I've asked other dads about dadding.  By talking about our hopes and fears, us dads, we all end up talking about ourselves and how we drink and listen to records.

I don't know if that paragraph reads very well.

How about this:

Last week, I ended up playing Oppositional Forces (the bad guy) for a field exercise.  This means that I spent a long time in an open field with some other guy, chain smoking cigars and talking.  He ended up being a new dad.  So we dad talked.

What surprised me was how quickly we ended up talking about ourselves, how we were most fascinated and fluent in our flaws and foibles.  We talked about almost every mistake we ever made growing up, always through fits of laughter.  Each of us trying to one-up the other with an example of our youthful indiscretions, which ended up as examples of the kind of flaws we would accept and detest in our own sons.

Is that abhorrent?

I think I would have thought so just a year ago.

But now?


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